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消防工程公司 :三个相同字的组合,你知道怎样读吗?你知道什么意思吗? 三金鑫 xīn 多用于商店字号、人名用字,取其金多兴旺之意 三木森 sēn 本义: 树木丛生繁密 三水淼 miǎo 会意。本义:水大的样子。这个字多用作女孩子的名字。 三土垚 yáo 意思为山高,那么多土当然山高啦。多用于人名。

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english engine

普特英语听力网 :转:2014年流行一句话“学英语的速度要快过父母老去的速度”。你是否学了多年英语还收效甚微?始终无法做到流利自如?其实你缺少的是一部英语引擎,战斗机为什么比火车快?那是他的发动机非常Excellent。你也想安装上这样的引擎吗?快速突破流利英语的障碍吗?超过10万人已领取。http://t.cn/8sx7Cx1

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Don't study english,just play english. 一个driver, 掉进river, 生命over。 我家dad,脾气bad,让我sad。 有只cat,非常fat, 专吃rat。 放下plate,赶到gate,已经late。 清晨wake,来到lake,钓上snake。 撇下net,鱼没get,衣服wet。 为捉pest,从不rest,本领best。 http://t.cn/8sGQq7j

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Effortless english Episode 3 http://t.cn/8F3MBSo

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effortless english Episode 2 http://t.cn/8F3MuGr

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effortless english Episode 1 http://t.cn/8FOR95c

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Thanks for voting for our new LIVE Event locations. Brazil, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Tunisia and Myanmar got lots of votes! We need to find professional PROMOTERS or EVENT PLANNING companies in each of those countries!

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join effortless english now http://t.cn/8FEWjMY

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用你的耳朵学英语才是最快的方法 Learn english with your ears ,watch the video learn the secret http://t.cn/8FpVVAY

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why children learn any language fast but adults not ? does child have more wisdom ? listening this podcast http://t.cn/8kQ0Ngh

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How to speak excellent english ? how to talk to native speakers easily ? how to speak english fast ? let me tell you the answer http://t.cn/8kZ6rcc

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effortless English new forum http://t.cn/8DDpZKc post your comment and your story

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You want to understand real American movies and TV. However, when you watch a movie it’s very difficult for you to understand. Why are movies and TV so difficult. How can you learn to understand them? Watching this video http://t.cn/z8sksZJ

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How long will it take you to speak English fluently? What is your definition of fluency and when do you want it? These are common questions and the answer depends on a number of factors. You have a lot of control over how fast you.... http://t.cn/z8gEkgp

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I want know what do you think of Effortless English and help you get more English learning tips. So today, i sent you real Effortless English course for you. This video recorded in San Francisco.http://www.oralenglish.info/real-effortless-english-class-in-usa.html

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