Sitemap Hello, A.J. Hoge, how is life treating you? As a matter of sober fact, I am not a student. I am a TPRS coach and I would really love to ask you about something of prime magnitude. Do you know someone called Karen Rowan? And if yes, have you joined any of her workshops? I also wonder why do you not run such wonderful workshops and go on instructing other ‘poor’ instructors who are still very much sunk in the traditional, indeed mediocre methods. They definitely need change– positive metamorphoses! I would also like you to know that I am the only TPRS coach in Egypt and it would be such a great opportunity for me to invite you right here because our population is about 100 million and almost all teenagers as well as younger students are in crying needs of speaking English with excellence and precision, yet they horrendously fair by reason of the very much odious, if atrocious, methods of teaching by which the entire Egyptian world is utterly plagued. One more thing, if you please… Why do you always use the verb “want” as a dynamic verb, e.g. “I am wanting to do something,” while–in actual fact, it is stative and has invariably been thus. Many conservatives deem such a use non-standard. But I have noticed tons of Americans use it as dynamic, not stative so I’ve come to believe that it has recently been dynamic besides its being stative. Anyway, I am exceedingly proud to send you something and, by the way, I am a huge fan of Dr. Stephen Krashen, Dr. J. Marvin Brown, Mr. Blaine Ray and, on top of that, the immortal James Asher! I strictly follow in their steps and call their approaches into play and use. I only wished to ask you so simple a favor, could I–at least for the time being–use your mini-stories to teach my students or should I not do this and create them myself? Please answer me. I profoundly thank you from the depths of my very heart for the powerfully gigantic assistance you’ve given me. I will eternally remain indebted to you and I certainly would never pay any such sort or kind of compensation for whatever you’ve offered.
Best regards,
Mr. Muhammad Shahawy.