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    I LOVE U like sun is shine

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    Thank you being a great and energetic teacher to us…

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    Larry Rosales in the Philippines

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    AJ- Tatiana, we only accept credit cards for the VIP program at this time. Cheers!

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    AJ: Young children can learn easily by listening to easy stories, playing games, reading storybooks, etc. Of course, you need a good teacher. If you can find a teacher who is trained in the TPR and TPRS techniques, that would be ideal (but beware, most teachers who claim to use those techniques have no training and don’t really understand how to use them effectively).

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    After 6 months I’ve realized it is a waste of time..we had to learn just the grammar rules and there wasn’t a much space to talk.What to do???
    On the Internet I found a solution..ha,ha,ha..solution was Effortless English by A.J.Hoge
    Effortless English I’m still using today(over 1 year..I’ll save it for my daughter)with my colleague and friend,so I can tell you we really enjoying this system..it is the best and mostly works..I’m tellin ya..by using this method your learning will be ,,More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys”
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    Good luck for everythink 
    By A.J. Hoge 

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    snait .

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    so … who are those who actually can understand what you say? Maybe just the people who don’t need your help because they are already fluent in English. So… that’s whay I don’t really understand about the way you’re trying to reach the students.
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  5. AJ Says:
    February 22nd, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    Ignacio, I respect your feedback. The “Essential Step” videos are definitely aimed at intermediate level learners. My hope is that with the text, most will be able to understand the main ideas. I have found that most Effortless English fans have quite good reading skills (and vocabulary). Their (passive reading) vocabulary is usually quite good. What they lack, unfortunately, are listening and speaking skills.

    Of course, as a native speaker it’s easy for me to over or under-estimate the difficulty level of my videos. I do monitor the comments about each video carefully– and so far, almost no one has complained that they are too difficult to understand. With the text, it seems that most intermediate level learners are able to understand the main ideas of each video (so far). Because of your comment, I’ll be sure to pay attention to comments about this video in particular.

    As for true beginners (with low reading skills as well as oral skills), Effortless English really is not for them. For true beginners, I recommend the Flow English lessons that I did with my friend Chris. They are very basic and simple… and also slower.

    Thanks for your feedback and suggestions–AJ

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  8. AJ Says:
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    Sergio, I own this system (A.J. Hoge). There are also two other programs that use this system: Learn Real English (Kristin Dodds, Joe Weiss, and I) and Flow English (Chris Moses & I)

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    Howeverm, I would like to add something. I meet many times the word “leverage” in so many contextes, but I never understood his meaning.
    Due to your examples, I thing I understood now, but I am not really sure if I would be able to use it in a different contexte.
    So, If you could insiste on the meaning of this word or tell me in which lesson of Effortless English I could find it, I would be very happy.

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    My English skill is also not so good, althrough I have learned and worked on it for many years, but my listerning and peaking skills are really bad, and i was totally disappoited for my English, so in the recent time i have not invested in it anymore. And by accident I knew Efforless English. Last night I listened to your 3 first rules from 8pm to 12pm, maybe more than 20 times for each rule, and i can hear over 95% with that my time. Only 1 night with 4 hours, so now i should not definitely say that your lessons helped me a lot in my improving of english, but i really enjoy your rules,.. the pronlems that you mentioned in it cause barriers for students who can not speak English in many years learning, they are same with my problem i am facing now.
    One more again, thank so much for your English learning Method, but i lost my english confidence for too many years, so i dont dare to believe that I can speak English well within 6 months even i am really happy now because i have just found your great method, but i will try and give me one more chance.
    Have a nice day.

  13. AJ Says:
    February 23rd, 2011 at 3:30 am

    Maria, “leverage” is something/anything that multiplies (increases) the power of something. So “emotional leverage” is anything/something that increases emotional power (ex. a memory, a belief, a method,…).

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    Hello, A.J. Hoge, how is life treating you? As a matter of sober fact, I am not a student. I am a TPRS coach and I would really love to ask you about something of prime magnitude. Do you know someone called Karen Rowan? And if yes, have you joined any of her workshops? I also wonder why do you not run such wonderful workshops and go on instructing other ‘poor’ instructors who are still very much sunk in the traditional, indeed mediocre methods. They definitely need change– positive metamorphoses! I would also like you to know that I am the only TPRS coach in Egypt and it would be such a great opportunity for me to invite you right here because our population is about 100 million and almost all teenagers as well as younger students are in crying needs of speaking English with excellence and precision, yet they horrendously fair by reason of the very much odious, if atrocious, methods of teaching by which the entire Egyptian world is utterly plagued. One more thing, if you please… Why do you always use the verb “want” as a dynamic verb, e.g. “I am wanting to do something,” while–in actual fact, it is stative and has invariably been thus. Many conservatives deem such a use non-standard. But I have noticed tons of Americans use it as dynamic, not stative so I’ve come to believe that it has recently been dynamic besides its being stative. Anyway, I am exceedingly proud to send you something and, by the way, I am a huge fan of Dr. Stephen Krashen, Dr. J. Marvin Brown, Mr. Blaine Ray and, on top of that, the immortal James Asher! I strictly follow in their steps and call their approaches into play and use. I only wished to ask you so simple a favor, could I–at least for the time being–use your mini-stories to teach my students or should I not do this and create them myself? Please answer me. I profoundly thank you from the depths of my very heart for the powerfully gigantic assistance you’ve given me. I will eternally remain indebted to you and I certainly would never pay any such sort or kind of compensation for whatever you’ve offered.
    Best regards,
    Mr. Muhammad Shahawy.

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    Hi Mr. A. J. Hoge;
    you are great. as you said it works. thank you . thank you. your powerfull heart is something like gold maybe more than that. so take care of yourself . we need you.
    I am also an English teacher in Iran. i see your thoughts work not only in my teachng methodology but also in my own life .

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    Iam Acehnese

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    i have read the comment of I don’t know Mr. or Mrs. Ignacio Almandoz (comment no.2 ) and i have something to say about it : I think the way and the method Mr. A J uses in his speaking as you as too fast, is wonderfull not beacause they are less understandable by bigginers but beacause Mr. A J by that convey his feeling of teachng and learning to us we need emotion of learning more than understanding of details. that’s why he has attached its transcript of the video to download below it.

  19. AJ Says:
    February 23rd, 2011 at 6:58 am

    Wow– what a great comment and very interesting! I’m always excited to hear from TPRS teachers! Regarding teacher training, I would love to do it and have thought about it many times. I frequently get requests, but just haven’t managed to get a seminar/training organized. But I will! Re: Karen Rowan– I have heard of her but have not done any of her workshops. I have been to Blaine Ray’s workshops and conferences and he is The Master! His son Von Ray is also incredible! I highly recommend anything that they do.

    Re: “want” & “wanting”,.. I can’t immediately think of a situation where I have said “I’m wanting to do something”– so it would help if you could give me an example or situation. In general, I don’t worry about such things and don’t recommend that students do either. These kind of rules are dreamed up by bored academics and have no relevance to real world communication. So unless someone is studying to be a Phd. in English Linguistics,.. there’s no need for worrying about or debating intricate grammatical structures.

    Finally, in regards to mini-stories I HIGHLY recommend that you create your own.. and that you do so DYNAMICALLY… with your classes. The great advantage of live face-to-face classes is that you can create unpredictable and personalized stories with the class… using lots and lots of questions. Let the class create the details– locations, names, problems, etc… It’s much more interesting and powerful when they do this. Typically, one of the students will be a hero in the story… and their favorite celebrities can be villains or other characters. Read Blaine Ray’s “Fluency Through TPR Storytelling” (if you haven’t already) for lots of ideas about creating stories with your class… using questions.

    Good luck with everything.

    PS: If you ever decide to do a teacher-training workshop, let me know. Basic info about hosting seminars can be found at: /host-a-workshop-with-aj (We could discuss specific details at a future time).

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    how are you, i love your videos thank you so much be successful with your team.

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    Whatever your religion is, you’ll go straight to the paradise because you’re always helping others.

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    I consider myself a good bigenner and I would like to say my opinion about the understanding level of the webinar, to me the webinar was clear , I understood most of it, actually AJ pronounce very well and clear. However I think it’s not important to understand every single word AJ said, understanding the main idea is good enough. Also I think AJ wasn’t talking fast, I think he was showing emotion and it helps us to get excited and energtic, I should say AJ has a very good and energtic speaking ability that can make people more excited and energtic.


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    British accent is little bit differ than the American.

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    Ignacio Almandoz,
    Just referring to your comment I would like to add something. If you visit the Home page of EE site you will be reminded that AJ adress his efforts))) to those who have struggled many years (like me) for improving English. That kind of learners are always brilliant in English theoretically. They (I have to say we) have a lot of pieces of information (like puzzle) which are not stick to each other enough to speak “easily and automaticly”. As far as I am concerned his goal is to transform that mess in our mind to the structured system (subconsiously, of course). AJ is not a Bruce Willis to save the World and he never promises to help learners of all range of level. And, dear Ignasio, think about what I am going to say… even if someone just after listening Rule#4 feel discomfort because of low level of understanding…may be it might be the very leverage AJ told as in this webinar? Feeling real discomfort is a super push factor for making an “improvement jump” in all areas.
    AJ, you have to pay attention to all comments, because sometimes it is a good way to get a discomfort)))…but…you are not a Mona Lisa to be admired by everyone. Keep doing, you are in a right path.
    Dear Ignasio, my belated congratulations on the Great victory of Spain footbal team in the European and World Championship!!! I supported them. Viva Espana!!!

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    By the way I want to say a little bit about the comment if someone don’t understand something: if human WANTS to understand meaning – he will do it anyway even if he don’t understand with the first time. Not understanding something right now is a biggest reason to learn what you don’t know. I can on all 100% confirm I made all of my very important and positive decisions by my great emotional state.

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    Very interesting lesson! Yet, The best way to build an emotional leverage is probably to create private or (more preferably ) communal rituals.
    This routine ritual reinforces the polar system of negative and positive feelings .

    We Jews have a complete system of rituals already. Our daily basis prayers and services are a constant reminder to our soul that each one of us has huge potential and that we should develop our own path to bring about our individuality in the most powerful way

    So really the sentiments expressed by you in this video is quite religious one!

    Best regards
    Nacman Natan

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    I did it two times and later i didn’t use the text and i understand you. Your body language is very helpful to understand what about you are speaking. Your honesty, passion is really inspired me to take actions. You are grate and lovely. Thank you so much.

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    Keep in mind. Does anyone want health? Then learn how to have essential and good nutrution/food, learn how to sleep weel at the right time. start to practice any sport too.
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